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Lead and serve with your heart!

Did you know that your greatest affliction could be your greatest asset?

Yes it’s true. Finding and using your passion is one thing that is definitely advised although a lot of people overlook the obstacles they have been through in life as a tool to success. What do I mean? Well being a leader means believing in what you stand for with integrity so when you know that being a great leader means serving from the heart then having experience in life whether it’s good or bad is an asset to your overall performance. Instead of feeling like you have less than another through being disadvantaged, you can show the world that YOU actually not only live with it BUT use it to help you be a very strong and capable person.

The secret ingredient is SELF BELIEF. Get rid of self doubt and focus on being the best you can.

You will then start to attract like-minded people and you can lead them to success. When you lead from your heart and put your ego to one side you will find Pro’s and other leaders who can earn you a professional income for the rest of your life. Being yourself is the the key to trust and honesty with yourself and others. You are not supposed to be perfect, in fact no-one is but just be the best you can and this will resonate through you to bring into your life the things and situations that you have always wanted.

Write down 10 things you can do to start becoming more of a leader to others.

These could be physical activities or mental. Once you start to realize the power that you own you will see how you are a massive value to the marketplace. Your uniqueness is is your treasure map to greatness. Use what you have from where you now stand and get used to being out of your comfort zone as learning more is the way you will grow and become the greatest you can be.

I believe that you are capable of great things.

How can I be so sure? Well you are reading this right now and you have access to a computer so all you need to do is add the magic ingredient in the mix which is ‘YOU’. You see ‘YOU’ are what will make the difference in all of this, not anything outside of yourself. It is ‘YOU’ that people will buy from and it is ‘YOU’ that people will join because ‘YOU’ can demonstrate leadership by simply being ‘YOURSELF’.

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Your Past does not Equal Your Future!

John Cabot’s Ship the Matthew.
Giovanni Caboto (known in English as John Cabot; c. 1450 – c. 1499) was an Italian navigator and explorer whose 1497 discovery of North America is commonly held to be the second European voyage to the continent since Christopher Columbus a few years earlier. The official position of the Canadian and United Kingdom governments is that he landed on the island of Newfoundland.

Now why am I telling you this? Well I hope that you might become your own explorer of your own destination being your own captain, maybe? Take the wheel and direct it towards your dreams is my advice. Are you aware of this because I can tell you that it took me 30 years to get it!:( BooHoo! Why did it take me so long? Well I was a person of expectation but expectation for things to maybe not always work out, so I created my future by virtue of my mixed thinking! We all have had a variety of ups and downs in life right? Right, and I was focusing on those events and comparing them to what I expected to receive.

Example would be that if you have had several failed enterprises and the next one might be exciting and adverturous but in the back of your mind you might think, ” I really hope this one works cos I havn’t got a good history!” Well right away you are condemning yourself to failure because of your pasts results. BUT what did you learn from your past? Alot of pain and stress maybe and maybe you learned to do things a little differently? I hope so! This is what we learn from failure is the equal reason for doing something different.

Today you can apply what you have learned in the past and set up things differently than before. You now have wisdom from past experiences right! Of course you do. Just remember to tell your head that this will work because……..and because……… If you have the right system and the right set of tools and the right set of people around you then you can do anything FACT.

Henry Ford wanted an 8 cyclinder engine which his staff said that it is not possible! As the second year went by they finally did it. He knew that he could get what he wanted and he did. So can you, if you know what you want and you will do anything to get it.

Don’t listen to Neh sayers and family or friends who say, “But havn’t you been doing this for years”? They will try and bring you down often because they have no courage to do it themselves and they are fearful. They might joke and laugh at you and be scared for you sometimes but in my case they helped me to show myself what I am capable of.

Whatever has happened in your past, however bad things were for you and how ever much you struggled, you are still here and you are reading this which means not only did you survive it BUT you are keen to learn more and educate yourself into getting the success that you really deserve, and I personally commend you for that, well done! Give yourself a big pat on the back because your really deserve it right now!

Ok don’t get too big headed, hello I am still here you know:))

Are you listening? Good now just to clarify that your past DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE, and that when you have a dream you absolutely have a right to follow it with the strong desire and faith that you have. We don’t need to be victims of circumstance but rather masters of our own destiny so be your own master or captain and set sail.

Steer your ship confidently to your desired destination with the faith and courage to pursue this journey that will transform you and your life to exactly where you want to be. I am here to tell you that it is possible and you can start today by finding out what your ‘why’ is and then take massive action towards that ultimate goal.

Sure you will struggle, sure you will get discouraged from time to time but, you will always know that you are much more than those silly obstacles and you can knock them down one by one like your ship passing giant waves and sailing onto the next big wave.

So what are you going to do now? Do you need some help? I can help you get focused should your require it. The best part is you can ask me anything for FREE and I will answer. The fact that you are here now means you have the courage to be the best at what you want to do, I just know it.

IMPORTANT: You have to be bigger than your problems as then they will disappear like the weak little demons that they are!:)

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Gratitude is free

Imagine that Gratitude is short for Great-Attitude and it might be easier to embrace. I used to find that things would upset or anger me quite easily a few years ago. I am very grateful anyway for what I have and where I live and so on but I would still find it easy to find fault of difficulty in things and situations. It wasn’t until I realised that whilst I was focusing on what I didn’t like or have, I was creating more of it. Once the focus of my thoughts became appreciation then I realised what true Gratitude was. It is always in the present moment that we can make changes for tomorrow so I began to practice the art of gratitude a lot more every day. Sometimes I am amazed at how many people moan and groan when they could change their mind instantly. Usually these are the people that look quite weathered as well because they have given themselves and their bodies a hard time by moaning so much! I find it funny now if someone moans alot as it seems comical to me!:)

Once I discovered that Being grateful in life is an amazing free thing I began using it all the time. Not only do I feel alot more whole as a person but I can make others feel good aswell by being warm and positive.

Most of us have alot to be thankful for. Whether it’s your health or just waking up every day in a home with a roof on it. I know times can be very hard but it is just about remembering that what we have in the moment is actually a heck of alot.

I personally found it easier to affirm that I am grateful every morning and night. This way it will sink into my subconscious mind and become a part of my make up. When you next go for a walk, look at the trees around you and the fresh air you are breathing. Absorb everything around you as if it’s just for you. It is a magical world we live in.

It’s a bit cheesy of me I know but I want you to smile like that now!:) Go on then, don’t feel silly! Feels good doesn’t it!:)

It’s easy to let things get to us and for the mind to be dominated by worry but this is no good. After all 80% of what we worry about never happens. Spend time being aware of where your thoughts are heading and if they are swerving towards the worry or anger side of things just take some deep breaths and let it go. It is for your benefit after all!:)

Being grateful in our current society seems to have been lost a bit by some of our generation. This is I think because there is so many material goods to be had that we are simply never satisfied with the simpler things. The simple things are where true beauty lies I think.

Things are things they have no meaning to them except how we perceive them. Try thinking of some more simple things to get pleasure out of and you will see that there is plenty to be thankful for within you and outside of you.

I encourage you to start to be aware of yourself from now on and how you react or respond to things, then you can be the judge as to whether you are off track or not. Start today by thinking of all the things you can be grateful for and this alone will help you to feel real inner peace and happiness.

When someone is in a happier place then usually more positive things happen and you magnetically attract good stuff to you. Its win win isn’t it!:)

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” ~Tony Robbins~

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How To Save Money In The Current Economy

Dollar Pictures, Images and Photos

I am talking about the fact that we are currently in a financial crisis or economic downturn. Now this can actually be a good thing. How? Well it is because it will get people to think outside the box when it comes to spending. Actually when there is mass panic about money is when most clever people make money because everyone else is hanging on for dear life to what they have and taking no risks. So how can you save more money now and create a secure future? You can start by looking at your shopping list. How much rubbish do you buy? How much is spent on Cereals for example? I know me and my girlfriend will buy just one cereal that is healthy so not only are we spending less but we might even live longer. Pretty Cool huh! It doesn’t take much imagination to begin breaking down your monthly expenses and cutting back on wasteful items.

What you might even do is go for a smaller car? Or wipeout an expense that is not actually needed. Let’s say you go to the Gym ok, well how much do you pay per month? $30, $70? Well try,swimming,walking,badminton,cycling,press ups, situps? You can save your monthly Gym costs right there. What about getting your hair cut, do you go expensive or cheap? You are getting the idea by now huh!:)

So first of all look at all of your outgoings, then eliminate any that are not needed at all, then adjust the outgoings to cheaper versions of what you buy, like value groceries. After that you can look at your fixes, what do I mean? Well Alcahol,smoking,junk food,commercial coffee shops, general luxuries that you really could do without especially for your health.

Let’s say that you save $50 per month well that’s $600 per year or $6000 over ten years, or $18,000 over 30 years. Cool huh! It won’t take much to get to that level of saving and then when you retire you will have maybe $20k in savings that you didn’t miss. This all depends on your ability to save more and then either live much more comfortably in the now or have a hefty lump sum when you retire. Hey it might even allow you retire a few years earlier.:)

Here are a list of helpful ways to start saving! (Fun isn’t it!:)

1 Drive the car less (if you can!) OR buy a smaller car, it will save you a ton of money on fuel/Gas not to mention Insurance and Tax.
2 Quit the Gym membership and use free exercise mostly like running,swimming,Yoga or walking.
3 Cut out luxury food items all together or at least keep them to special occassions or weekends.
4 Cut down on drinking, smoking, junk food, and material spending (i.e clothes, jewellery). If you already have a Nice Black shirt why get another?
5 Make your own Sandwiches for work. Alot cheaper.
6 Drink less commercial coffee. Just 1 cup less a day could be $60 to $120+ per month in your pocket. Amazing really!:)
7 Try to download free information from the internet instead of buying books all the time. It’s an online library.
8 If you can grow vegetables then grow them. This includes growing herbs and keeping chickens too.
9 Break down Monthly bills and subscriptions and cut them in half. What are you spending on monthly that you could stop now?
10 Don’t be drawn into commercial adverts or shops. Walk away and realise what you have just saved money and space.
11 If you want a particular item let’s say sunglasses and they are $70. Look online first and buy the item for less, that’s what I do.
12 Check your car yourself, Oil, Water and tyres and you will need less services. Also keep the tyres pumped up as it saves on fuel.
13 Do you have old video’s or books? Or any items you can throw on E-Bay? Check the loft you might have an antique you could sell.
14 Start a small business on the side. ( I recommend an Internet Business because of low start up and low overheads!) Learn more Below.
15 Get rid of Credit Cards and just keep One because they are not money they are debt! Only buy what you can afford.
16 Look at your daily spending habits and work out what you are spending each week and month, then try and cut it in half.

Looking for an extra way to build your income?

How ever hard it is in the current economic climate there are answers to problems. Personally I have implemented many ways to cut back cut out and cut in half some of my expenses. Your lifestyle may well be affected by some of the tips I offer and you may want to continue exactly as you are right now. Maybe you have already cut back and you are still finding it a struggle to make ends meat. If this is the case then I can also recommend that you begin to start your own business, but wait don’t panic I am not suggessting you spend alot right now I am simply offering a solution to your longterm finances. Personally I am a member of a Business that’s securing my future and building longterm wealth for me and my family. If the job isnt cutting it for you then I strongly recommend joining myself In this Financial education blended with Internet Marketing system. To find out more just click on ‘Let’s Work’ and we can get you started earning and learning whilst building a longterm fortune.:)

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What Fuel does your car use?

First of all I have a question for you. When you go to the supermarket do you go to the same places and pick the same items everytime?
Ok let’s continue. Simple question really! So next question is what does your car run on? If you put the wrong fuel into your car you will not go very far, infact you might even wreck the car completely. How is this relevant to online success? Very relevant because you take some care of your car right, well most probably! What care do you take of yourself? Some? The thing is that your car rely’s on you or your mechanic, but so does your body. Getting me now? We take care of things outside of us but what fuel is going into you? I personally try and drink to a minimal and I stopped social smoking. I do alot more exercise and drink more water. This allows me to run smoother and perform better, like your car does.

I am amazed at how many people are out of shape or just eat crap and frankly look terrible ‘but’ expect their body to work ok, madness really isnt it. Success generally comes with time tested principles and required actions that need your focused attention. Why let yourself go when you are the most important machine in your life? You are the most sophisticated and highly enginnered thing on the planet. When we run smoothly we are capable of things that some people call impossible. Impossible is not real when it comes to human potential. We only use something like 1/10 of our brain power. We rarely exercise enough or eat the right foods, yet, we expect everything to be ok in our lives. Just simply by getting fresh air and breathing deeply and dramatically increase your attention and focus, so try it, get out there and take in the fresh air!:)

Mentally we can get very discouraged and down about life when we are feeling unfit or fat. That’s a fact.
So why is then that every healthy food source is on this planet waiting for us to enjoy and yet we still go for the crap? Advertising and commercialism is out there to seduce into buying things that are colourful and appealing to the eye and frankly taste good very often. But remember You are in charge of managing yourself so don’t blame anyone else just start now to make the small changes that will change your life in a very positive big way. Begin today to make small changes and be easy on yourself. It just requires that you change your negative habits into more positive habits that actually help you to feel great and to achieve more mentally and physically. Look at your eating habits and next time you go to put some crap into your mouth think about how your body will receive it. Also next time you fill up your car with the right fuel, remember that it needs that fuel to work right.

There is and will only ever be ONE YOU, so treat you like the precious complexed being that you are and give yourself and your body a break.

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Making videos

Making videos is really simple. You Just need to get yourself a digital camera and start to video. Talk about what you love and what you are passionate about, that’s it! Now the key thing here is to simply be yourself as if you are talking to a friend, this way you are engaging with your audience on a personal and emotional level which is real.

The next thing is that you want buyers for your products and or services right so don’t sound desperate or pushy just be friendly and informative. No-one likes a pushy salesperson they like nice people right! Think about the people that you like to talk to, and try to be as natural as you can.

So you have some subjects to talk about and you are talking personally and real to the camera. I would suggest at this point that you keep the video’s to around two or three minutes in length so that you keep the viewer engaged on the subject. Window’s movie maker is a useful tool to have in your arsenal because once you have several two minute videos that you have made, you might want to edit them or connect some of them together. For example if you want to talk about one subject like getting traffic to your website then you would use MovieMaker to add the title and add relevant words throughout the video.

What I tend to do is connect what video I like together and delete the rest, simple huh! It is so easy once you make a few video’s. So What do you love? Talk about what you are interested in and with the enthusiasm and people will be able to connect with you. You have your video’s now with your chosen subjects and once you are in window’s movie maker you can add a title or your name to the video and key words to the video as it plays through. You can also put your URL for your website like at the end of the video. Ok ready to Upload the finished video to YouTube? Go to YouTube and start a free account, then set up your profile with your name and a photo, Then go to upload video. This will open all of your video’s and then just choose your latest vid from your video’s or pictures or wherever you have saved them!:)

Once you have Uploaded it and named it in YouTube and use keyword rich titles you can begin getting traffic. So you have named it ‘Best way to get targeted traffic in the world’, you can then use other key words in the keywords section before saving the video. You now have a video and it is live on YouTube. How are you going to get it seen? You are going to put it onto your blog and add the link to Facebook, also add the link to Twitter and other social media sites that you have joined. Make as many videos as you can about relevant topics using a lot of value and good content. This just means make the video how you would like it if you watched it. You see it is just about capturing your viewers attention and giving them something new in their lives.

If you want to you check out my video’s for some ideas you can click on the video’s tab on the top of my blog. Take what you want from them and just use some ideas that you can begin to translate into your own videos. Also go to other video’s from other professionals in your field and see what you think. Making video’s is free and can get you a lot of traffic and cash. Get started making videos today and get your name out there. You know what to do now so there is no excuse!:) Contact me if you want any help with making your video’s and I will be happy to assist you in your quest for greatness!

Why not start asking yourself what your why is? When you know why you are doing what you are doing then you can produce tons of video’s because you have the core reason behind you and you can produce video’s with sure fire confidence and belief!:) Help others and you will be helping yourself!

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Find your Mastermind!

Two of my personal Mentors. ~Sir Winston Churchill~ and ~Napolean Hill~

I learned a great technique recently that continues to help me get clear and focused on where I am going and why I am going there! That’s right it’s called Masterminding. Relax I’m not going to ask you any questions of various levels and test you! Masterminding just means that you connect with people whom you respect, that’s it. What do I mean? I mean finding a group of people alive or dead whom you respect and have achieved great things and picturing you with them. Maybe they have achieved things that you want to achieve?

I decided to do this with some of my hero’s and I am always trying to get in the zone with them. This isn’t madness it is using your imagination just like kids do, to connect to the ideas area of the brain. You see that when you learn about people who have achieved great things you then feel in some way connected to them right! Like you are a friend or you have a piece of them which is personal to you. This is no more than picturing yourself talking to these people and asking for ideas. If they are alive then you could try contacting them or just hold up a picutre of them and talk to them.

I am not mad (I don’t think!:) I am just sharing what many already successful people do to get into the zone. This will help you get focused on what you want to achieve and realise your desires alot faster. Whether you are in business right now or not you can begin to establish relationships with those whom you admire. I found that by doing so it helped me to feel important and intelligent and somewhat of a famous person myself. Can you see what impact it could have on your future? You have nothing to lose by writing down a list of say 5 to 10 people who you would like to be like. As I said it doesn’t matter whether they are with us or deceased because you can use a picutre of them anyway.

Have regular meetings with your mastermind group whilst you have your eyes closed. Picture the outcomes that you want. Do you read? Well it’s no different to seeing the charactors as real right now in your space so you can develop a mind that it is in tune with the picture of your future. Hey I mean don’t we all want or desire a certain outcome for our lives? I learned this and since I began to form alliances with the people I consider to great, it has dramatically helped me get clear like I have extra energy to take action and move with greater momentum towards where I am headed.

Make a list now starting with people whom you resopect that are alive and who you could contact. Then go to maybe famous people who you admire and then Deceased people aswell. Narrow down your list to several and when you get 5 minutes of quiet time imagine you are sat at the end of a long table with them around you and you can ask them for ideas and help. The more you do this the more familiar they will become. What do you have to lose? At the very worst you can picture yourself around great people, so that alone will feel great!

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List Building! Are you doing it right?

Posted by: GregDeTisi | October 2, 2010

What do you want? VS What do you need?

First off it is worth saying that you can have everything you want if you just help enough people get what they want, that was Zig Ziglar. Great quote huh! What I am saying here is that if you cut back on your luxury wants now then you can cut back your spending to just the things you need until your wealth starts to expand. This will help you to save for the longterm investing for your future.

I was on a train journey recently and I was chatting to great woman who was managing the staff and overseeing that they worked well with the customers. After a long conversation about where she could visit in europe and the UK we asked her about LA and the west coast of the U.S. She was saying about how it is more diffucult to travel to europe now because of rising costs and the fact that the economy is struggling. Then she said I have learned that the things I though I needed were just things I wanted. She continued to say that ‘I spent alot of money nearly all of my wages once I earned them and now I am very careful about everything I buy’! I thought huh that’s pretty smart because sometimes in times of economic downturn we are forced to analyse our situations and make changes.

That is sometimes a really good thing because it is then that we actually realise what we waste money on. Not to mention that once you begin to cut back you can see that you are still ok and that if you had saved some of that money over the years you might have $30k in saving’s right!:) I know that alot of us are now forced into being more concious of what we are doing to the point where people are actually growing their own vegetables and using their mind’s to think outside the box a little more. We have had to do this for Millennia really so it is no different now. See what I mean there? You see that a perceived negative situation can bring about forced change that actually starts us thinking a bit more about being industrius instead of just living or existing each day like a cycle of negative perceived reality of the downturn, which I think is wrong anyway.

What can you do now to cut back? What can you do that might have a profound affect on your next ten years of life? What changes can you make that might seem quite small but could have quite large positive changes to your financial/mental/physical future? It might be something as simple as eating more fresh grown vegetables or fruit which helps your health right!:) Try and figure out in all areas of your life where you start to gradually implement positive changes that will assist you in a brighter and more abundant future.

I bet you will have at least a few things you can do this week, I know that I have!

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The Truth is all that matters I think!

Whatever it is in your life that you trying to achieve or improve on it can be done very easily when you know how! For a starters I had spent a very long time not knowing what my purpose was and what my why was! This means I was like a ship without a rudder just floating around the ocean with no particular direction. How did I find out what I wanted to do? Well after too many years of complaining about what I didnt want I realised that I had to focus on what I did want. This meant discovering my passions and what I loved to do. Once I began to discover these essential and life transforming things I was well on my way to discovering the truth of my life.

You see I think only the truth really matters. We can live our lives with some great happiness and joy but unless we get true to our hearts we will never find true happiness. I am following my truth of helping others get from where they are to where they want to be. A bit like this post I am asking you what it is that lights your fire because that is the first thing you have to get clear on. Be under no illusion that getting clear is actually one of the hardest things you can do in your life but also the most rewarding.:)

The great news is that inside of you is the answer, not outside, so you need to go searching aimlessly for the answer. It is right there in you now and I suspect that you already know the answer? Break this thing down like James Brown (HUH!) sorry I mean that you can break it down into what you loved as a kid or what now get’s you going when you take part in it! Or something in the back of your mind that seems like it is out of reach but your min keeps going back to it. THAT’S IT! Now begin to define HOW you can make a fortune out of providing a solution for others using this topic.

Most people go wrong by not actually taking any action towards it. BIG MISTAKE! You have to get started and then you get focused on the areas that will begin moving you closer to your truth. I think that you know what to do inside aswell. We just tend to put things off for fear of failure or of being told you can’t do it. Fill your mind with positive expectations of where it is you are going and when you find obstacles or challenges realise that they are meant to be there, WE ALL GET THEM! Every successful man or woman in history has hit many brick walls but did they quit?

Heck no that is why they made it, because they loved the challenges and took them as part of the whole process of getting to their truth or desire. Don’t waste any more time because time flies by, right! One day you will be old and looking back and do you want to say I wish I did this or I’m so glad I did this?

I know which one I will choose.

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