Posted by: GregDeTisi | March 11, 2011

Brand Awareness: Getting yourself seen

Listen Let’s Cut To The Chase Here!

You and I both know that the branding I’m talking about is not putting a red hot poker on a cow’s backside! Well I might write about that another time but for now let’s talk about branding yourself. ‘NO’ not with a poker silly billy but with things like social media tools and Blogging.

The big companies in the world are very good at this, they have alot of money to throw at advertising and costs to market their products right. When a product sells well then the company make big bucks and they can afford to run big ad’s that grab our attention and seduce us into buying what they offer. All of us at some point and quite often are slaves to advertising whether we like it or not.

What I do and you might want to do is to get yourself into a position where you have many people following your brand or your ‘name’. So how can you achieve this? Firstly you need to get your name to be associated with trust and quality products so golden rule No1 is ‘stop trying to sell’. Yes really stop it. People are sick and tired of people selling to them, myself included. Gone are the days of the hard sell at least with experts online. You have to learn to send people to more information that you are offering so that they become an investor in you for the future.

Secondly give huge value and content without expecting anything in return. That’s right don’t expect anything back. But come on are you serious? I sure am! Listen you want to build a relationship so don’t go getting greedy just be a friend and offer your advice. The Law of attraction states that Like attracts Like, so whether you believe it or not, giving is the way to get more back.

Many Huge Companies Now Are Realising The Power Of Social Media.

Huge numbers of big players are now using YouTube to create a buzz, this is because it is FREE. You also have the luxury of using YouTube so this means that you can send thousands of people to your video which then leads to your Blog, Comprenda? So essentially you have the same clout as the big companies in this area.

You watch TV adverts right? Many big brands use TV and radio to sell. This will cost you a small fortune though, and besides you and I haven’t got that kind of budget, have you? If you have then go and retire and stop reading this because I am jealous!:) I am guessing though that you haven’t yet?

So based on the fact that our budgets are quite modest, you may want to exploit the whole social media Gig to expose your brand? I don’t know about you but I could do with spending less and reaping huge rewards for my efforts? of course right!

So knowing that we all are seduced by brands every day we can learn alot by the fact that we need to be in front of others who might want to buy from us or join our business ok. This means getting video’s on YouTube and using facebook daily by adding comments and interacting with members and also joining groups of similar themes so you can mingle with others. Get onto Twitter and start adding tweets and re-tweeting well known Tweeters etc! Start a Blog on WordPress or Blogger or both and start adding posts and add your amazing video’s to your Blog. Make sure you Ping your Blog Posts aswell. This means that once you complete your blog post you simply type in ‘Pinging’ into the Google search bar and it will bring up various sites that will allow you to share your Blog post to many other sites, cool huh!

So What Drives You?

What do you love to do? What is your motivation for getting up? You have to know your reason or your ‘Why’ before you can set about branding who and what you stand for. Without knowing where you are coming from how can others?

Start to write Articles in Ezine Write about what you know and what your niche is and at the bottom of your article you will add the url to your Blog. This is all about connecting the pieces together. Oh by the way have you got a Fanpage on Facebook yet? No! What are you waiting for. Get over there and set up a Fanpage and start asking people to ‘LIKE’ your page. You will want to make your page look good with some slick graphics if possible so that you are presenting yourself as a cool modern guy/gal!

Do you use Digg? Here you can follow people and they can follow you and you can Digg a site that is appropriate to you and that you want to share. This will give you a list of Digg’s that you have added thus creating a kind of theme for you and building a picture of what interests you too. Have business cards? Man you are missing out on a smoking hot area here. You can get free business cards from VistaPrint who will give you your first 250 cards for free and you can design the cards too. So when you are travelling around and you get into a conversation you can slip out one of your cards because they kind of know you and trust you already, you see!:)

There are many other social sites online that you can join and start building a profile in. Make sure you add tons of photo’s of yourself and your life so that people can relate to you. Flicker is great for uploading a ton of photo’s of yourself and you can add Flicker to your blog and your other social sites.

Sharing Sites is also a great way to build relationships. StumbleUpon is a site where you can share a website that you love with others so they get to view it and rate it. I tend to upload my own video’s there of course as they are so amazing, Yuckkk just kidding!:) But you can add value there and really start getting a name for yourself.

Now that you are professional you will want to join LinkedIn also. This is where your Pro Profile is shared with other Pro’s and you can get a great name for yourself and your talents there. Build a good picture of yourself and again join groups which you are similar to and just network there.

Hey I am done for now but I hope this may of helped you a bit? Happy Branding!

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