Posted by: GregDeTisi | January 23, 2011

Marketing Leaders: What Motivates Your Members?

When you know your ‘why’ it is an amazing thing that will allow you to laser focus on your goals and stay motivated.
Knowing others ‘why’ though is another thing. When you can understand where a person is coming from and where they want to go you can then assist them in planning what actions they need to take in order to reach their desired outcome. Being a true leader means to serve with your heart and when you do that you will see astounding results in your own business.

Take time to get to know the person you are bringing into business, and then they will feel that you care and that you are there for them, and this is what will make the difference between someone staying with you or leaving you. A simple process but one in which too many people just don’t put the effort in and then wonder why they still are not making an income online.

Just a bit of effort goes a long way.


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