Posted by: GregDeTisi | December 14, 2010

Advertising on Google


I have found out many new things to assist me in my online marketing arsenal but few really match up to this.

The reason for this is that there are few advertising platforms quite like Google. You already know that though right? Well if you go marching into Google with your new landing page and dollars to set up an Adwords campaign then beware. Why? Because these guys are the giants of the internet and if you try and fool these guys you will lose. In simple terms you will want to not go onto Adwords all guns blazing with an obvious page that is designed to lure in sales and that is a standard Affiliate page. This looks amateurish and they will immediately suspend your account. This could result in you being banned for life!

So what to do? Well for starters are you an amateur or a professional? If you are still an amateur in the Internet Marketing arena you will want to learn alot more about the respective advertising solution you choose to excel in. You will end up wasting time and money and maybe get banned from Google. Oops! You really don’t want that, do you! So begin by asking yourself what answer you are providing to the visitor of your page. What is it that is unique and valuable to them?

Your page should be adding value to their life even if they don’t opt into your page.

Why is it that they will want to buy from you anyway? A few tips might include, Show yourself on the page and write some great content for your visitor/customer/subscriber. Use a personal website like a blog or a personal website to build the trust between you. Have a relevant domain name for example if you are trying to sell blog tips then have a domain that says so that it is relevant to your product or service.

Remember to engage with the person right away so that they stay on your page and connect with you.

Google can ban anyone for many reasons and it’s because they have to maintain their standard and make sure that the customer or end user has the best experience when they are searching online. This makes absolute sense really doesn’t it. So we must ensure we follow the rules and be a professional at all times and also if you want to create an income for life or a residual income from home you have to present yourself in a professional manner in order to stay on Google. This will start to convert your visitors into sales conversions.

You have to be very aware of the fact that if you just see dollar signs when promoting you really are going the wrong way about it. You have to ask how you will be enriching the person’s experience. A great way of doing this is to ask yourself what sites you have opted into. What appealed to you? Give them the answer or a teaser in your page so that it builds curiosity and encourages them to opt in. This is very different to being pushy and just looking for the sale.

If you want a respectable income then you have to be respectable in your approach with marketing.

This is particularly when using Google Adwords. Become more skilled in your craft and you will become more in demand. When you open an Adwords account make sure you ‘read the rules’ so that you know what to do and how to avoid getting banned for life. Take this seriously and you will paid seriously also.

Finally you will want people to respond to your efforts and for them to not ignore you as some business opportunity, scam or junk program that doesn’t reflect your personality or expertese. Take the time to get it right because this will be a massive impact on your global presence if you get it wrong.


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