Posted by: GregDeTisi | December 8, 2010

Goal Setting

I am talking about setting goals to find your ‘why’ and then achieiving those goals to get you to your ‘why’.

Finding the right system and mentor to work with is also essential. Set small goals to begin with and then increase them as you start to achieve success. This is not rocket science because I am doing it and I no Brain surgeon!:) Did I spell that right? Anyway I learned the hard way by not doing this and then once I began taking small yet simple steps it helped me go from strength to strength.

It is important then to ensure that your goals are alligned with a true purpose.

What is it you want to do? What is your calling? You must allign your goals with what what you feel is the right business for you. You might ask yourself well ‘I want to work online and make a ton of money’! NOT ENOUGH SORRY! You have to KNOW why you are doing this and what area of online marketing you could excel in. You see it’s about defining you reason for doing this firstly and then setting goals to begin the journey.


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