Posted by: GregDeTisi | November 27, 2010

Lead and serve with your heart!

Did you know that your greatest affliction could be your greatest asset?

Yes it’s true. Finding and using your passion is one thing that is definitely advised although a lot of people overlook the obstacles they have been through in life as a tool to success. What do I mean? Well being a leader means believing in what you stand for with integrity so when you know that being a great leader means serving from the heart then having experience in life whether it’s good or bad is an asset to your overall performance. Instead of feeling like you have less than another through being disadvantaged, you can show the world that YOU actually not only live with it BUT use it to help you be a very strong and capable person.

The secret ingredient is SELF BELIEF. Get rid of self doubt and focus on being the best you can.

You will then start to attract like-minded people and you can lead them to success. When you lead from your heart and put your ego to one side you will find Pro’s and other leaders who can earn you a professional income for the rest of your life. Being yourself is the the key to trust and honesty with yourself and others. You are not supposed to be perfect, in fact no-one is but just be the best you can and this will resonate through you to bring into your life the things and situations that you have always wanted.

Write down 10 things you can do to start becoming more of a leader to others.

These could be physical activities or mental. Once you start to realize the power that you own you will see how you are a massive value to the marketplace. Your uniqueness is is your treasure map to greatness. Use what you have from where you now stand and get used to being out of your comfort zone as learning more is the way you will grow and become the greatest you can be.

I believe that you are capable of great things.

How can I be so sure? Well you are reading this right now and you have access to a computer so all you need to do is add the magic ingredient in the mix which is ‘YOU’. You see ‘YOU’ are what will make the difference in all of this, not anything outside of yourself. It is ‘YOU’ that people will buy from and it is ‘YOU’ that people will join because ‘YOU’ can demonstrate leadership by simply being ‘YOURSELF’.


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