Posted by: GregDeTisi | November 1, 2010

Gratitude is free

Imagine that Gratitude is short for Great-Attitude and it might be easier to embrace. I used to find that things would upset or anger me quite easily a few years ago. I am very grateful anyway for what I have and where I live and so on but I would still find it easy to find fault of difficulty in things and situations. It wasn’t until I realised that whilst I was focusing on what I didn’t like or have, I was creating more of it. Once the focus of my thoughts became appreciation then I realised what true Gratitude was. It is always in the present moment that we can make changes for tomorrow so I began to practice the art of gratitude a lot more every day. Sometimes I am amazed at how many people moan and groan when they could change their mind instantly. Usually these are the people that look quite weathered as well because they have given themselves and their bodies a hard time by moaning so much! I find it funny now if someone moans alot as it seems comical to me!:)

Once I discovered that Being grateful in life is an amazing free thing I began using it all the time. Not only do I feel alot more whole as a person but I can make others feel good aswell by being warm and positive.

Most of us have alot to be thankful for. Whether it’s your health or just waking up every day in a home with a roof on it. I know times can be very hard but it is just about remembering that what we have in the moment is actually a heck of alot.

I personally found it easier to affirm that I am grateful every morning and night. This way it will sink into my subconscious mind and become a part of my make up. When you next go for a walk, look at the trees around you and the fresh air you are breathing. Absorb everything around you as if it’s just for you. It is a magical world we live in.

It’s a bit cheesy of me I know but I want you to smile like that now!:) Go on then, don’t feel silly! Feels good doesn’t it!:)

It’s easy to let things get to us and for the mind to be dominated by worry but this is no good. After all 80% of what we worry about never happens. Spend time being aware of where your thoughts are heading and if they are swerving towards the worry or anger side of things just take some deep breaths and let it go. It is for your benefit after all!:)

Being grateful in our current society seems to have been lost a bit by some of our generation. This is I think because there is so many material goods to be had that we are simply never satisfied with the simpler things. The simple things are where true beauty lies I think.

Things are things they have no meaning to them except how we perceive them. Try thinking of some more simple things to get pleasure out of and you will see that there is plenty to be thankful for within you and outside of you.

I encourage you to start to be aware of yourself from now on and how you react or respond to things, then you can be the judge as to whether you are off track or not. Start today by thinking of all the things you can be grateful for and this alone will help you to feel real inner peace and happiness.

When someone is in a happier place then usually more positive things happen and you magnetically attract good stuff to you. Its win win isn’t it!:)

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” ~Tony Robbins~


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