Posted by: GregDeTisi | October 18, 2010

What Fuel does your car use?

First of all I have a question for you. When you go to the supermarket do you go to the same places and pick the same items everytime?
Ok let’s continue. Simple question really! So next question is what does your car run on? If you put the wrong fuel into your car you will not go very far, infact you might even wreck the car completely. How is this relevant to online success? Very relevant because you take some care of your car right, well most probably! What care do you take of yourself? Some? The thing is that your car rely’s on you or your mechanic, but so does your body. Getting me now? We take care of things outside of us but what fuel is going into you? I personally try and drink to a minimal and I stopped social smoking. I do alot more exercise and drink more water. This allows me to run smoother and perform better, like your car does.

I am amazed at how many people are out of shape or just eat crap and frankly look terrible ‘but’ expect their body to work ok, madness really isnt it. Success generally comes with time tested principles and required actions that need your focused attention. Why let yourself go when you are the most important machine in your life? You are the most sophisticated and highly enginnered thing on the planet. When we run smoothly we are capable of things that some people call impossible. Impossible is not real when it comes to human potential. We only use something like 1/10 of our brain power. We rarely exercise enough or eat the right foods, yet, we expect everything to be ok in our lives. Just simply by getting fresh air and breathing deeply and dramatically increase your attention and focus, so try it, get out there and take in the fresh air!:)

Mentally we can get very discouraged and down about life when we are feeling unfit or fat. That’s a fact.
So why is then that every healthy food source is on this planet waiting for us to enjoy and yet we still go for the crap? Advertising and commercialism is out there to seduce into buying things that are colourful and appealing to the eye and frankly taste good very often. But remember You are in charge of managing yourself so don’t blame anyone else just start now to make the small changes that will change your life in a very positive big way. Begin today to make small changes and be easy on yourself. It just requires that you change your negative habits into more positive habits that actually help you to feel great and to achieve more mentally and physically. Look at your eating habits and next time you go to put some crap into your mouth think about how your body will receive it. Also next time you fill up your car with the right fuel, remember that it needs that fuel to work right.

There is and will only ever be ONE YOU, so treat you like the precious complexed being that you are and give yourself and your body a break.


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