Posted by: GregDeTisi | October 10, 2010

Making videos

Making videos is really simple. You Just need to get yourself a digital camera and start to video. Talk about what you love and what you are passionate about, that’s it! Now the key thing here is to simply be yourself as if you are talking to a friend, this way you are engaging with your audience on a personal and emotional level which is real.

The next thing is that you want buyers for your products and or services right so don’t sound desperate or pushy just be friendly and informative. No-one likes a pushy salesperson they like nice people right! Think about the people that you like to talk to, and try to be as natural as you can.

So you have some subjects to talk about and you are talking personally and real to the camera. I would suggest at this point that you keep the video’s to around two or three minutes in length so that you keep the viewer engaged on the subject. Window’s movie maker is a useful tool to have in your arsenal because once you have several two minute videos that you have made, you might want to edit them or connect some of them together. For example if you want to talk about one subject like getting traffic to your website then you would use MovieMaker to add the title and add relevant words throughout the video.

What I tend to do is connect what video I like together and delete the rest, simple huh! It is so easy once you make a few video’s. So What do you love? Talk about what you are interested in and with the enthusiasm and people will be able to connect with you. You have your video’s now with your chosen subjects and once you are in window’s movie maker you can add a title or your name to the video and key words to the video as it plays through. You can also put your URL for your website like at the end of the video. Ok ready to Upload the finished video to YouTube? Go to YouTube and start a free account, then set up your profile with your name and a photo, Then go to upload video. This will open all of your video’s and then just choose your latest vid from your video’s or pictures or wherever you have saved them!:)

Once you have Uploaded it and named it in YouTube and use keyword rich titles you can begin getting traffic. So you have named it ‘Best way to get targeted traffic in the world’, you can then use other key words in the keywords section before saving the video. You now have a video and it is live on YouTube. How are you going to get it seen? You are going to put it onto your blog and add the link to Facebook, also add the link to Twitter and other social media sites that you have joined. Make as many videos as you can about relevant topics using a lot of value and good content. This just means make the video how you would like it if you watched it. You see it is just about capturing your viewers attention and giving them something new in their lives.

If you want to you check out my video’s for some ideas you can click on the video’s tab on the top of my blog. Take what you want from them and just use some ideas that you can begin to translate into your own videos. Also go to other video’s from other professionals in your field and see what you think. Making video’s is free and can get you a lot of traffic and cash. Get started making videos today and get your name out there. You know what to do now so there is no excuse!:) Contact me if you want any help with making your video’s and I will be happy to assist you in your quest for greatness!

Why not start asking yourself what your why is? When you know why you are doing what you are doing then you can produce tons of video’s because you have the core reason behind you and you can produce video’s with sure fire confidence and belief!:) Help others and you will be helping yourself!


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