Posted by: GregDeTisi | October 5, 2010

Find your Mastermind!

Two of my personal Mentors. ~Sir Winston Churchill~ and ~Napolean Hill~

I learned a great technique recently that continues to help me get clear and focused on where I am going and why I am going there! That’s right it’s called Masterminding. Relax I’m not going to ask you any questions of various levels and test you! Masterminding just means that you connect with people whom you respect, that’s it. What do I mean? I mean finding a group of people alive or dead whom you respect and have achieved great things and picturing you with them. Maybe they have achieved things that you want to achieve?

I decided to do this with some of my hero’s and I am always trying to get in the zone with them. This isn’t madness it is using your imagination just like kids do, to connect to the ideas area of the brain. You see that when you learn about people who have achieved great things you then feel in some way connected to them right! Like you are a friend or you have a piece of them which is personal to you. This is no more than picturing yourself talking to these people and asking for ideas. If they are alive then you could try contacting them or just hold up a picutre of them and talk to them.

I am not mad (I don’t think!:) I am just sharing what many already successful people do to get into the zone. This will help you get focused on what you want to achieve and realise your desires alot faster. Whether you are in business right now or not you can begin to establish relationships with those whom you admire. I found that by doing so it helped me to feel important and intelligent and somewhat of a famous person myself. Can you see what impact it could have on your future? You have nothing to lose by writing down a list of say 5 to 10 people who you would like to be like. As I said it doesn’t matter whether they are with us or deceased because you can use a picutre of them anyway.

Have regular meetings with your mastermind group whilst you have your eyes closed. Picture the outcomes that you want. Do you read? Well it’s no different to seeing the charactors as real right now in your space so you can develop a mind that it is in tune with the picture of your future. Hey I mean don’t we all want or desire a certain outcome for our lives? I learned this and since I began to form alliances with the people I consider to great, it has dramatically helped me get clear like I have extra energy to take action and move with greater momentum towards where I am headed.

Make a list now starting with people whom you resopect that are alive and who you could contact. Then go to maybe famous people who you admire and then Deceased people aswell. Narrow down your list to several and when you get 5 minutes of quiet time imagine you are sat at the end of a long table with them around you and you can ask them for ideas and help. The more you do this the more familiar they will become. What do you have to lose? At the very worst you can picture yourself around great people, so that alone will feel great!


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