Posted by: GregDeTisi | October 2, 2010

What do you want? VS What do you need?

First off it is worth saying that you can have everything you want if you just help enough people get what they want, that was Zig Ziglar. Great quote huh! What I am saying here is that if you cut back on your luxury wants now then you can cut back your spending to just the things you need until your wealth starts to expand. This will help you to save for the longterm investing for your future.

I was on a train journey recently and I was chatting to great woman who was managing the staff and overseeing that they worked well with the customers. After a long conversation about where she could visit in europe and the UK we asked her about LA and the west coast of the U.S. She was saying about how it is more diffucult to travel to europe now because of rising costs and the fact that the economy is struggling. Then she said I have learned that the things I though I needed were just things I wanted. She continued to say that ‘I spent alot of money nearly all of my wages once I earned them and now I am very careful about everything I buy’! I thought huh that’s pretty smart because sometimes in times of economic downturn we are forced to analyse our situations and make changes.

That is sometimes a really good thing because it is then that we actually realise what we waste money on. Not to mention that once you begin to cut back you can see that you are still ok and that if you had saved some of that money over the years you might have $30k in saving’s right!:) I know that alot of us are now forced into being more concious of what we are doing to the point where people are actually growing their own vegetables and using their mind’s to think outside the box a little more. We have had to do this for Millennia really so it is no different now. See what I mean there? You see that a perceived negative situation can bring about forced change that actually starts us thinking a bit more about being industrius instead of just living or existing each day like a cycle of negative perceived reality of the downturn, which I think is wrong anyway.

What can you do now to cut back? What can you do that might have a profound affect on your next ten years of life? What changes can you make that might seem quite small but could have quite large positive changes to your financial/mental/physical future? It might be something as simple as eating more fresh grown vegetables or fruit which helps your health right!:) Try and figure out in all areas of your life where you start to gradually implement positive changes that will assist you in a brighter and more abundant future.

I bet you will have at least a few things you can do this week, I know that I have!


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