Posted by: GregDeTisi | September 30, 2010

The Truth is all that matters I think!

Whatever it is in your life that you trying to achieve or improve on it can be done very easily when you know how! For a starters I had spent a very long time not knowing what my purpose was and what my why was! This means I was like a ship without a rudder just floating around the ocean with no particular direction. How did I find out what I wanted to do? Well after too many years of complaining about what I didnt want I realised that I had to focus on what I did want. This meant discovering my passions and what I loved to do. Once I began to discover these essential and life transforming things I was well on my way to discovering the truth of my life.

You see I think only the truth really matters. We can live our lives with some great happiness and joy but unless we get true to our hearts we will never find true happiness. I am following my truth of helping others get from where they are to where they want to be. A bit like this post I am asking you what it is that lights your fire because that is the first thing you have to get clear on. Be under no illusion that getting clear is actually one of the hardest things you can do in your life but also the most rewarding.:)

The great news is that inside of you is the answer, not outside, so you need to go searching aimlessly for the answer. It is right there in you now and I suspect that you already know the answer? Break this thing down like James Brown (HUH!) sorry I mean that you can break it down into what you loved as a kid or what now get’s you going when you take part in it! Or something in the back of your mind that seems like it is out of reach but your min keeps going back to it. THAT’S IT! Now begin to define HOW you can make a fortune out of providing a solution for others using this topic.

Most people go wrong by not actually taking any action towards it. BIG MISTAKE! You have to get started and then you get focused on the areas that will begin moving you closer to your truth. I think that you know what to do inside aswell. We just tend to put things off for fear of failure or of being told you can’t do it. Fill your mind with positive expectations of where it is you are going and when you find obstacles or challenges realise that they are meant to be there, WE ALL GET THEM! Every successful man or woman in history has hit many brick walls but did they quit?

Heck no that is why they made it, because they loved the challenges and took them as part of the whole process of getting to their truth or desire. Don’t waste any more time because time flies by, right! One day you will be old and looking back and do you want to say I wish I did this or I’m so glad I did this?

I know which one I will choose.


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