Posted by: GregDeTisi | September 24, 2010

Vancouver Rocks!

Man what a place Vancouver is! Having just come up from San Jose California which was cool. California has many amazing places of course, but this was a total change. Arrived at night by taxi and just saw lot’s of tall penthouse apartments and skyscrapers. A body of water running under the bridge we were driving along. The next day was amazing and sunny. Lot’s of boats moored all over bobbing around in the dock in front of the drop back of tall modern glass apartments. Everywhere I looked was a picture opportunity. Got a ferry across to Granville Island. WOW! Artistic or what! A creative plethora for artists and buyers showing their work and others admiring the work. There were lot’s of clean and neat shops and place’s with intimate corners and quirky little wooden shack like buildings. Fresh and organic food and amazing beers.

I took a walk around and absorbed the magic around me. After we ate fresh fish and drank local beer we headed back to the ferry and got dropped at the end of the dock area going back into the city area. We got out of the ferry and saw some of the biggest private yachts and Multi-Millionaire’s toy’s money could buy. After thinking of which boat to buy we headed up the cobbled street to a coffee house. This was an area with money. Shops everywhere mainly boutique and expensive furniture shops. Very stylish people walking around looking great. There was a buzz to the city which had energy and a taste of good living.

Back to the Hotel and it was very comfortable with very friendly staff. I was very relaxed and content. We walked a fair bit the next day and got a lift up the top of the look out tower where we could see the city in all it’s finery. Then after a cup of warm chocolate and a host of conversations withj various people we got on the red bus to travel around Stanley Park which stretches around the outside of the edge of Vancouver in almost a full circle whcih has over 5 miles of trees and green grass, with flowers everywhere. When we got back having checked out several shops we were ready to hit the hotel again.

It’s not a cheap place but a place of wonder and majesty. I can recommend the city to anyone who wants a change from the rest and anyone who likes a busy but friendly place. Every view is another great pleasure with buildings that pop up all over and water slipping inbetween each area. Check it out and you will be pleasantly surprised I think! Not forgetting that there are many amazing shops here for the shopaholic aswell.:) This is a good place for me to visualise when I want to be taken back to a relaxing state of mind.


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