Posted by: GregDeTisi | September 16, 2010

The Power of Focus

Focussing on your goals create’s results. A great way I found to gain more focus on a specific goal is to take each goal and laser focus on it until you start to take a big chunk out of it.  You can work on 2 or 3 things at once depending on your ability to focus.  When learning something new and there are millions of things to learn every day, decide upon the importance of your task and when it has to be completed. This is not about managing time it is about you achieving that goal in the most efficient time possible.

Focus on what you want NOT what you don’t want!
Leave the TV alone don’t let it seduce you, it’s a DRUG.
Forget hanging around with losers. They bring you down.
Visualise your goals or vision every day and night.
Take one task at a time and keep it simple.

You see when you are trying to get success in your business or passion, you have to get focussed on the primary task with total concentration and enthusiasm.  The time we have in life is uncertain but one thing for certain is this, you can get where you want to be much quicker by learning how to focus.   Any task that you wish to tackle and overcome, take it and look at is a present or gift that you can work on with excitement and once you finish it you can celebrate by congratulating yourself for finishing it.

Focus is what makes an athlete go from good to great.  Focus is what a racing car driver has to have in order to stay on track at very high speeds.  Focus is what people need when undertaking a new skill or job.  Focus will help you to move quicker thus giving you more confidence and happiness by the feeling of achievement.  For me it is all about getting clear on what you want in life.  Why do you want that?  When you get clear on what you want, then you can get laser focussed on the task in hand.

Imagine that this time next year you want certain things or to have accomplished certain things.  Will you get there, and will you achieve those goals?  Don’t waste time on thinking about lot’s of things that come into your mind and try to mix you up.  Alot of people generally focus on all the wrong things like when they will next go out drinking or buying material goods these are trivial things really.  Don’t allow trivial information dominate your mind.  Focus on what’s important in life like, your health, your relationships and your business then the big life changes will start to occur.


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