Posted by: GregDeTisi | September 13, 2010

Watch what you put into your mouth

I am not saying that you should actually look at your food and say “wow look at it isn’t it pretty”!.  I am saying that what you choose to put into your mouth is creating your body shape and and fitness level.  If you don’t care then that’s fine until you find that you have a serious health condition, but hey who cares?  Look we all like a bit of sweet stuff now and again and we als0 like rich food and even sometimes a bit of junk but it’s all about common sense here.

You don’t have to be highly intelligent to know that whatever you are doing is good or bad right!  I just want you to be aware that you actually have a choice about what goes into your mouth. Besides you own you.  Health is no more than awareness really.  Have fun people of course and have food and drink but just look at what you are doing on a daily basis ok.

Every day is new and full of wonder and possibility.  How many days do you want on earth?  Sorry that was a bit too  harsh but I am sure you will want to spend each and every day as a new day with new stories to tell and new experiences to share right?  Of course you do.  Well then take each day as a gift and use it with a bit of care.  Don’t just fall into each day like another and not think about what you are doing.  I know it’s hard to be aware all of the time but all I am saying is take care to be conscious of your day in between your busy schedule.

You can just say I can’t be bothered to do more than I already do in my day, hey that’s fine but how long do you want to spend time with your family and enjoy their company, I know I do!  Not your family but mine silly!:)  Well I might like to hangout with your family who know’s huh!:)  Everything you think and feel and do is actually a choice and when you realise that fact then you can make the most out of it.  Literally YOU MAKE your life what it is so make it great.

People tend to spend alot of time making their garden nice or their house nice or their hairstyle nice but these things are on the outside aren’t they!  Look after the inside and be aware of your body then it will take care of you.  Your mind and inner body are connected to be in harmony with one another so give each of them a break and maintain them like you would maintain your exterior.   Next time you are shopping take a look at the colours you get in fruit and vegetables and see how it is there for you to notice it and consume it also look at nut’s and pulses and see how natural they are compared to processed foods. 

You will begin to notice the changes in your physical self as well as your mental self.  You will feel alot happier and more full of energy.  When this happens you can enjoy life alot more in all areas of being.  I know because I used to not care much about different foods but now I enjoy each and every day just by feeling alot happier whatever I choose to do.


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