Posted by: GregDeTisi | August 31, 2010

Your Ferrari is on the drive!

You know what I have been studying alot of successful Marketers in the Internet Marketing arena for over 4 years now and I have discovered many common similarities between them. Obviously they all are successful yeah of course they are BUT why? How? What do they do? I can tell you that it really isn’t that hard to work out. Well for a starters they all take massive action until they get success. They all out source what they don’t have strengths in. They all walk the walk. They all keep on keeping on. You see that we all have barriers and challenges and problems but these guys don’t give up instead they love the challenge’s and don’t get bogged down by trivial rubbish. They tend to focus on their strengths even if they might not be highly intelligent always.

It really isn’t about being clever but rather being action orientated. You don’t need to be amazing but just gain the skills in two or three areas first of all and then move on once you see the skills are formed. Internet Marketing is a skill but so is anything else worth excelling at. I personally think that anyone can apply the right skills and get success with this gig. If I can do it so can you. I learned the hard way but do you think I quit? Nah not me I fight for what I believe in. Take what you have which is your self and apply it to personalise your marketing so that you come through as the guy/gal people want to be with.

Internet Marketing is emotional or at least it will serve you better if you become emotional about being a professional. Technically I am rubbish at many things but can I keep at it until it clicks, hell yeah! If I just don’t get it I ask someone else who is good at it. Marketing your business is about marketing you and then applying it to your efforts. Make your work personal and professional in your approach with honesty and integrity thrown in.

Don’t sell sell sell rather share share share. Just share what you are doing and how it helps you. People do not want to be sold to they want a solution to their problem not some money grabber pushing some e-book onto them for no reason. Can you help them to become more? Increase is the answer, they want to feel increase to their live’s and by providing value in your offer coupled with good content you can Market from place of confidence self belief and selfless giving.

It’s not about greed it’s about giving. Get the right Marketing system and apply YOU to your efforts. You might have a Ferrari but If you don’t have the right fuel inside you are going no-where fast.


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