Posted by: GregDeTisi | August 23, 2010

Do The Passion Test

I am always impressed by people who just follow their passion and they don’t even know another path.  Sometimes as kids they just know what they want to to do and they do it.  They tend to from an early age excel at the topic/sport or Musical Instrument.  Now there are also people who spend all their life in a job that they hate and makes them miserable but they are simply to scared to lose a pay check.  I was one of them.  Ok I was pretty good at drumming and musical stuff and probably could have excelled in that area looking back.  I was also a good runner and won most of the cross country events in school and then started to run for a club.  However these things wern’t really my passion.

I loved them but would I actually want to do them fulltime?  No not really.  So many years later and many jobs that I hated and depressing times I discovered that once you find your calling you simply must follow it or be hacked off all of your life.  Simple really isn’t it!   Well I know that it isn’t easy to just change everything as it is stressful when you have a job but are there many jobs that are secure these days? Nope!  My advice would be to keep working but put a little money aside to start your venture.  If you don’t know what your passion is and therefore what Venture to start then read the book ‘What colour is your parachute’  This will tell you what area you are strongest in and perhaps what your hidden skill is.

This was an exciting adventure to me because it was unknown and mysterious plus it might end up paying me to do what I love.  Well it does and that’s why I am writing this.  I am writing this to help you to stop and think about what you really want out of life.  Surely doing what you love and getting paid for it would be great.   I can hear you now saying Yeah but I am too old OR I am too stupid OR I am too short OR Iam happy getting pay check after pay check.  Are you really convinced that this is acceptable?  Mmmm I don’t think so do you?

You are either in a position that you know your passion or you don’t know it, but I am saying that if you are determined enough about your desire and persistant then you have to take action however hard it may seem if you really want happiness for the rest of your life.  It doesn’t have to be hard if you just take it slow and start to build up your ideas.  You don’t even have to be clever just take action in what you believe.

The only person on this planet that can stop you is YOU!  So push your doubts to one side and cast your fear into the depths of the ocean and push on shining your light like the magnificent person that you are.  That’s right you are unique and amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to.

Finally as you are the controller of your mind then you have to take charge of your thoughts and not let them take charge of you.  Really that’s what most people do is to just fall into an acceptance of the ways things are.  Really that’s just a perception rather than a reality, can you see that?  OK get to work!:)


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