Posted by: GregDeTisi | August 20, 2010

Visualization is nothing more than using your imagination!

I visualise on a daily basis the things I want to achieve in the future. I found that not only does this give me focus but it makes me feel great aswell. I have read a lot about picturing what you want to happen. I think the problem here is that by default I used to picture a bad outcome and this comes from a childhood of things going wrong often so I always thought something might go wrong. You might have done this in the past aswell?

Changing your pictures will change your life though and I am living proof that this can be done. First though I like to clear out the negative obstacles that might appear in the morning and then once I realize that I created them and that they are not real then and only then can I begin to set in place the pictures I want to see.

I bet you can think of something good or bad that you have thought will come true and when it did you said I knew it. Really you thought so much about the outcome that all of your energy was aiming towards it happening and thus it became a reality.

Start from now on to take what you want and write it down. Everything don’t hold back on what you want, and keep it by your bed so that every night and every day you will look at your goals and believe that you already own them or have become them.

This will give you the focus towards positivity and excitement of the idea that you will receive the goods. You must have faith that this is true because the key ingredient here the feeling that it is real. If you don’t feel you won’t receive. Take your pen and piece of paper now and Begin to write your list and don’t forget to add health,wealth,love,happiness,and some kind of charity based idea where you will give or help someone or a charity in some way.

I found that it took me a long time to get rid of alot of the negative blocks but this can’t stop me reading my list daily and you beginning your list today, infact nothing can stop me exept me, and the same for you too. I am excited for you really, just get to work on it because nothing can beat action backed with faith.


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