Posted by: GregDeTisi | August 20, 2010

Do you talk or do you walk?

You know something, I have realised that how ever much knowledge you possess, it really doesn’t matter unless you use that knowledge. Obvious? Well not to a lot of people, because anyone can say I know this or I learned about that and that’s OK if they don’t need TO USE the information. If you say you can operate a digger and then you are asked what experience have you got with this? You say er um well I used one once! That ain’t really experience is it. You might know HOW it works but you could kill someone with a digger trying to use it. A small amount of knowledge can be dangerous!

If you are in the business of Internet Marketing and you want to become an experienced Marketer, (recommended!) then you need to get to work on learning some new skills so you have the right knowledge to put into place. Even if you are very knowledgeable with technical stuff (I’m not!) then OK fair enough you can build a website, BUT what content will go onto it? How will it appeal to other people looking for your help? Have you got value to offer them? Where are you going to begin Marketing the site?

Let’s put that talk into the walk and show others what you can really do. If you say you will take massive action on your business, what proof has anyone got that you are doing that apart from you? You see that you can spend all your life saying but not doing. Wherever you start JUST START. I would rather someone came to me saying I know NOTHING but I am DETERMINED to follow my DESIRE and take action, instead of I know a lot about this already, but they don’t put their knowledge into practice!  PRACTICE makes PERFECT.

Is this simple or are you confused yet? Are you with me? Start from scratch and put one’s ego to one side then whatever amount you already know JUST ACT ON IT and learn humbly from other more experienced people in your chosen field, because I bet they can tell you something that you don’t already know.

If you have knowledge then use it and if not then isn’t it about time you took it upon yourself to get educated in the correct area’s to gain the trust, respect and increase your value in the marketplace?


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