Posted by: GregDeTisi | August 13, 2010

Fitness Fights Fatness

It really is quite simple. It’s all very well in improving yourself mentally to zone into success habits, but imagine if you work really hard to continually learn and improve yourself and become successful with your business but you are un-fit. Let’s say that you are making big bucks and you are doing very well with having more freedom and choice in what you do, cool huh! Of course it is but everything is connected and if you just focus on one area you will find that you will fall back with your health physically. Plus having fitness in your life will dramatically increase your success rate because your mind will be much clearer and focused on the task at hand. Couple this will a heathier diet of less fries and more vegetables for example (good start!) and you will become alot more happy healthy and positive.

So using fitness and eating right helps to increase:

1 Your health
2 Your happiness
3 Your Focus
4 Your Success
5 Your life span
6 Your looks! (not being vain just looking your best!)
7 Your Bank Balance

8 Your Confidence:)

I could go on and on with this but it’s up to you. You are responsible for what you think and how you act what food goes through your mouth. It’s up to you to start making changes for the better and you will really start seeing major changes in every area of your life.

Start to monitor what you are eating and drinking and decide whether it’s actually worth it! Start to incorporate a fitness regime into your life like simply walking more X amount of times per week. Yoga is great too as is swimming running, some weights, cycling and various team sports. YOU CHOOSE. I suggest you get started today as today is the rest of your life.


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