Posted by: GregDeTisi | August 9, 2010

Passion comes from within so push aside the Ego

I am constantly discovering that through honesty with yourself comes your passion.  That’s kind of obvious right!  But what I am referring to is actually asking yourself how you can share your true passion with the world without looking for an ego based result.  You see I am proof that there are times I want approval or if I have achieved something I consider to be good then I think I deserve a positive comment.  This I think may lead to too much pride or an overinflated Ego.  Now ego is a form of insecurity as far as I am concerned and I have never seen a truly happy person who is Egocentric to the point of forgetting the true meaning of why they might do something.

Have I lost you?  Hopefully not!  It is really simple when you think that we all have some amazing skill at something that we were born with or that we have nurtured and become good at.  Now you could call this your true passion or your calling for example.  We are all aware of people who are very talented in the world of showbusiness or in sports but the best people are the ones who are grounded and stay the same.  They know that even though they are amazing at whatever, they don’t tend to bragg about it because they really don’t need to.

In short if you push aside your Ego or Pride for yourself and just concentrate at being a real value to society then you will discover true happiness appear I beleive.  We are all in pursuit of happiness right!  So follow what makes you happy (your passion or drive!) and be humble at how talented you may be.  I think there is a difference with sharing what you may have achieved and/or posess as long as it’s not bragging, don’t you think?

I have alot of respect for talented individuals who live in their passion and truly know they have nothing to prove. 

Be honest with yourself and you will find your ego shed away from you like a snake shedding it’s outer layers.


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