Posted by: GregDeTisi | July 22, 2010

123 formula for online success

I have read alot of books regarding success and many different principles are contained in them but i think that there are 3 core principles that you need to be an online success and without these 3 things you will probably fail unless you have unusual luck. So the three things are as follows..

1 Gain Skillset
2 Take action
3 Give Value

That’s it! I mean within these 3 things are many things you need to do but to define what has definately made the biggest difference to me then it is these 3 things. Let me break them down.


You have to become very aware of what works and what doesn’t whilst learning the different processes you need to implement in your online business. So take an area for example Marketing then within that there is classified ads or using Traffic Exchanges. Get good at these areas and become effective before moving onto the next set of things. Learn from people who are already successful and just copy what they do. I have many free e-books and reports here for you to read so get started. Become a Pro like anyone would in any profession in which they wish to excel. It is no good just hoping for success you have to learn if you really want the lifestyle you wish for so begin now by maybe reading Michael Cobb’s Internet Marketing for Newbies series contained in this blog and/or any of the free stuff i have inside the blog.


Putting the pieces together. Once you have your product/service that you want to promote then you can begin to apply the Marketing and Advertising needed to expose your business to a huge audience of targeted buyers who want your products time and time again. You must take action daily can and set yourself productive tasks to accomplish everyday or small easy to achieve goals that will increase over time. Just do something whatever it is and if it is wrong then learn to do it differently the next time. All the theory in the world is useless without huge action so get started. Remember you are creating solutions for people’s problems so with that in mind just find out what people want and act with faith. Take your product for example it must be good and it must perform what it says it will do. Then apply the marketing to it and get it out there to a relelvant audience.


Imagine you have some great marketing knowledge now and you know where to apply this by taking action then you are ready to give give give. You cannot really give too much BUT and there is one, only give true value in your content. Imagine you are the customer, what would you have wanted? If you are building a list of customers make sure you spoil them with value. They need to feel special and worthy. They want to trust you so let them trust you by giving selflessly. Don’t think greed think how can help! By helping and giving you will be rewarded for sure. You might give away free reports or e-books or video’s etc. Valuable content is where your repeat custom will come from. I repeat THE VALUE YOU GIVE WILL HAVE THE CUSTOMER COMING BACK FOR MORE thus giving you residual income and the investment in them for years to come ok!:)

These 3 core principles will help you get where you want to be ALOT quicker if you just take the time to learn and apply. I hope this helps you like it has helped me!:))

It’s your lucky day because all of this above can be attained through a very special person.  Who? You that’s who! Yep that’s right you can begin learning and earning straight away. You just need to begin with your chosen passion and learn at least what you love and start your future off the right way.

I am giving you the heads up on this because the whole point of this is that it doesn’t need to be complicated.  I learned the hard way but you don’t have to.  You are in a great position to do very well from knowing just this.  if you want to be respected and people to come to you as a Successful internet Entrepneur then you must begin right away.   Start by making a series of videos and connecting up your social media devices like Facebook and Twitter.  It  is easy to do really. You can easily make a fulltime online income, think very carefully before moving onto the next best thing because YOU have the answr not the next system or program promising you riches.  Are you ready to begin making your life how you want it?

I hope so take care!


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